With the comparison calculator you will find a selection of favorable providers for many different maturities and loan amounts. Our example of a comparatively small loan of $ 1,000 gives rise to interesting current interest rates

The 1000 USD loan is already too small for some banks

Among the three best offers for the 1000 USD credit is found – for some amazing – no major bank. With loan interest rates starting at 4.85% and an acceptance rate of 85%, bank online credit from Bingen am Rhein is the winner of this comparison. This impresses both the high acceptance rate, as well as the fact that here monthly rates from just over 22 $ is possible. The second best – and in our eyes clearer – result delivers the well-known Viloan bank.

This calls a uniform interest rate of 4.75% and a monthly rate of 22.87 USD for the 1000 USD loan with 48 months duration. Another feature of the credit comparison is also clear here: For each provider, the duration is specified for the commitment. Viloan offers the immediate commitment. Impressive here is the offer of a fixed interest rate, so no comparatively large interest margin as online credit. The third place also with an “off” interest rate of 4.75% is occupied by the well-known provider barclaycard from Hamburg. Likewise with an immediate loan decision and with an impressive acceptance rate of 93%.

Provide proof of income

The 1000 USD loan as a variant of the favorable micro-loan is suitable for all those who have a regular income. For the 1000 USD credit, the submission of two current salary slips and a credit bureau information obtained by the bank without negative entries is sufficient. According to information provided by the providers, these loans are also suitable for the self-employed, but instead of the proof of salary a different form of proof of income is needed.

In order to avoid lengthy searches and problems in the event that a loan is not properly serviced, the borrowers must be domiciled or banked domestically. The application for the loan can even be made online. In this case, the applicant is redirected directly to the bank, so it can assume a secure transfer of data via an SSL connection to the bank. In addition to the proof of income already described, the borrower still only needs his identity card, everything else is initiated by the lender.

Once the loan has been processed, a fast and secure payment is made directly from an account selected by the applicant. Thus, the 1000 USD loan is almost a variant of the instant loan within 24 hours.

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