Apply for a starter loan

Do you want to use a starter loan, for example because you cannot borrow enough for the purchase of a home because of a BKR listing? With the help of this loan you can bridge the difference between the acquisition costs of the home and the maximum amount that you can borrow.

Favorable terms

You can count on favorable conditions for the starter loan, so this can help you to purchase your own home. You can take advantage of a fixed-rate period of 15 years as a standard, although you do not pay anything for the loan for the first 3 years. This means that you can borrow a certain amount extra, while on the other hand you do not have to incur any costs. This ensures that you can use the starter loan to buy the property that you have in mind, even when the bank does not want to participate directly.

Starter loan without interest

The starter loan can help you well when you already have another loan. This credit is probably known to the BKR, which means that the bank will deduct this from your borrowing options. You can then use a starter loan to bridge the last part of the costs. Once your income has increased after a few years, you can start paying off the start-up loan. In that regard, with this loan you ensure that you can postpone the extra costs for 3 years, as you will only pay interest and repayment after that period.

Municipality sets conditions

It is the municipality that determines exactly what conditions you must meet in order to be eligible for a starter loan. The municipality will in any case look at your income, your equity and also make use of any additional conditions. In this way, the municipality ensures that you as a starter can apply for a starter loan when you need it to get the financing. In addition, the municipality determines the amount for which you can use a start-up loan and what you have to pay yourself on the other hand.

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