The activities of non- bank loan companies focus on making the application process as easy as possible for their current and future clients.

Only a few years ago, to receive the payday loan, we had to visit the stationary outlet of the selected lender, wait in long queues and fill out the application form yourself. At present, many people decide to apply for a loan online or by phone. From year to year, SMS instant message is becoming more and more famous. What makes it so popular?

How does SMS payday loan work?

Non-bank institutions have long been a convenient alternative to traditional banking services. They are constantly researching the market and preparing financial products that meet the needs of customers.

SMS payouts allow us to reduce waiting time and formalities to a minimum. We can get extra money for our own needs without leaving home. All we need is our own cell phone. SMS payday loan is becoming an increasingly popular method of applying for a loan, but despite the high demand for such a solution, few companies still use it. We will read about which companies provide payday loans via SMS later in the article. Now let’s find out how quick SMS payday loans work.

A quick payday SMS consists of sending a text message with information about the amount we need and the period in which we want to pay it back. Then from the lender we will receive a return message from the so-called application code. Within an hour, we should send the loan company an SMS confirming the submission of the application.

And that’s it! As you can see the procedure for granting payday loans by SMS is not complicated, and we can apply for the money we need at any time. Remember, however, that quick payday pay via SMS is usually given to regular customers.

Instant SMS as proof – how to get it?

If we want the payday SMS as proof to be available to us, we must meet the basic conditions that lenders set for us. It is important that we are adults with a valid ID. In addition, we should be citizens of the Republic of Poland and have a stable monthly income (preferably based on an employment contract). After fulfilling these criteria, we will be able to take SMS pay slips as proof. Here’s how the whole process goes:

  • We register on the website of the selected non-bank institution. In the form, enter the required personal data, address, bank account number, telephone number, etc. Thanks to this, the company will verify us as reliable borrowers and will know where to send a loan, if we need it via SMS.
  • After correct registration and verification of identity, we will be able to send an SMS for a loan from the phone number we provided when establishing our profile on the lender’s website. Depending on the chosen loan company, the text of the SMS looks different. Here’s an example of what this message should look like:
  • After completing the presented actions, all we have to do is wait for the transfer, which we will receive to the account indicated in the application upon registration.

Some people may say that payday payday via SMS is not a significant simplification compared to the online application, due to the fact that we must first register in the company’s system. However, this solution has its advantages if we are a regular customer of a given loan company. To receive additional cash, we will be able to send an SMS even at night, so that we can enjoy the extra cash in the morning. The whole procedure will take place without logging in to the site and wasting time re-filling the entire application from the beginning.

Is payday pay via SMS an offer only for regular customers?

Regular customers of loan companies can count on the fact that payday loans via SMS will be given to them much faster. Once entered, when registering the account on the lender’s website, applying for a loan becomes almost an automatic procedure, requiring only informing the lender of the desire to take additional money via SMS and accept such notification. In turn, new customers of a given company cannot count on such amenities.

Instant payments via SMS are reserved only for verified customers who have registered, have creditworthiness and have been checked in the debtors’ databases. When we repay the first loan and need another quick injection of cash, and decide to use the services of the same company, we will be able to take payday pay for SMS.

As we have already mentioned, payday SMS is rare and currently only available to a few companies. Below are examples of lenders who provide this service and what the SMS template with the loan application looks like.

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